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merchant solutions by UCG:

United Consulting Group LLC has joined forces with the manufacturers of cutting edge credit card payment terminals, the finest financial institutions, and top-rated business developers to provide your company with the highest quality merchant solutions. If you have a business and you accept credit card payments or plan to accept credit card payments, UCG gets it done for you without breaking your bank! Take a closer look at our products and services below.

  • merchant account/credit card processing setup

    If you are opening up a new store or starting any type of business that will accept credit cards as form of payment, then UCG is your merchant account partner. We'll take care of everything you need from applications to the equipment. Best of all, we have the lowest rates. If you already have a merchant account, then we guarantee we'll MEET or BEAT your current credit card processing rates. Lower merchant account expenses for your business means you keep more of your earnings for every credit card sale. This adds up to a lot of capital over the course of one fiscal year.

  • next day funding

    With United Consulting Group, merchants no longer have to wait for 3-4 business days to receive their funds.

  • credit card payment terminals

    UCG has affordable credit card payment terminals to meet your unique business needs. Whether your business requires countertop, portable, or PINpad terminals, UCG has the latest cedit card processing devices from trusted brands like FirstData, VeriFone, Ingenico, and Equinox, to name a few.
    Sign with us and receive a FREE TERMINAL UPGRADE valued up to $300.

  • POS systems

    UCG offers complete and comprehensive Point of Sale [POS] packages catered to a wide array of business types. See how UCG can accommodate your specific POS requirements.

  • PCI compliance

    We make sure every business that processes credit/debit card payments with our company is PCI compliant.

  • mobile payments

    We offer cutting-edge mobile processing solutions to “on-the-go” merchants, at revolutionary low prices!

  • cash advances

    A merchant Cash Advance may be just what you need to get your business headed in the right direction.

  • ATM solutions

    United Consulting Group provides comprehensive ATM services and high-quality ATM products to merchants and small business owners across the United States.

  • gift card program

    Grow your business with gift cards. Our gift card service delivers everything you need to generate new revenue, increase your brand's exposure, and easily manage gift card sales for a single store location or an entire chain.

  • rates & fees

    Our rates are the lowest while our products are top-notch. You may ask how can we maintain product quality while keeping our rates down? The answer is quite simple: keeping our profit margins low has kept us competitive all these years. While other merchant solutions providers try to make a quick buck, we're out there solidifying long-term relationships with our clients.